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Amendment 4 Passed!

The voices of Florida voters have been heard!

The votes are in and amendment 4 passed by a wide margin. Floridians across the state have voted YES to support solar power in the Sunshine State! The Florida House of Representatives joined the Florida Senate in passing legislation for the pro-solar Amendment 4. Voters approved with 73% of the vote on the August 2016 primary ballot.

This victory would not have been possible without the efforts of thousands of volunteers. As well as organizations in Florida that worked hard to get the vote. Thanks to everyone involved for your dedication and support. With Amendment 4, voters have helped shape our energy policy in a way that the Sunshine State can be proud of.

Floridians will enjoy lower energy costs as high taxes on solar energy systems are reduced beginning January 1, 2018.

This is a huge step to help the Sunshine State to become a leader in the solar industry. Amendment 4 will help Floridians lower energy costs. Such as reducing the tax burden that currently exists for solar equipment. As a result, the reduced taxes will lead to more local jobs and a brighter future for our state. Not to mention that it will bring much-needed diversity to our state’s energy mix! 

This is just the beginning of opening up solar in the Sunshine State. We will continue to boost the pro-solar voter turnout in future elections! All things considered, continue to support good solar policy and defend against anti-solar attacks. 

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You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from Your Solar Estimate

You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from Your Solar Estimate