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Own Your Power

Own Your Power!

Who would’ve imagined the day when you could own your power?

Crazy, right?

It’s true, going solar at home is the only way to own your power instead of renting it from your power company.

You own your car

Some time ago, I tried driving for Lyft and Uber. One of the things that stood out to me more than anything was the programs these companies offer to help you lease—essentially rent, a car.

The car leasing program came up in a conversation between a few passengers and me. Everyone’s reaction was the same. “Why wouldn’t you just use the money you make from driving and buy the car instead of renting it?”

That was and still is a pretty knee jerk reaction from everyone.

Why isn’t it that way with your power?

Same old, same old

I have this buddy, who is a computer nerd.

He succeeded in convincing me to convert an old computer to something called Ubuntu. I was very skeptical at first but tried it out.

To my surprise, I actually liked my computer with Ubuntu. It took a minute to get used to since I’ve always used Windows.

I’ll be honest, I actually became a fan and tried to convince a few other people to switch. I wasn’t as good at talking people into it as my friend was.

One of the things I realized is that this operating system was way better than windows. So, I wondered why not everyone has it. The answer is simple.

People are just used to their computers coming with particular software. They get used to the same old, same old without wanting to try something new.

People keep on using their power company because they always have. They just don’t know there’s an excellent alternative to install on their house.

Trust me, once you get it running, you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t going solar!

Own Your Power

At US Solar, we give people freedom of ownership when it comes to their power. Our system and service will make you proud to tell everyone about it.

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