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Why Join US Solar?

Freedom of Ownership with Solar

Own your power by going solar and level up your personal freedom! Your independence rests on the rights of well being and the pursuit of happiness. Every time you take an opportunity to increase your well being, you set freedom in motion. 

Your home’s electricity powers almost everything in your life like cooking, lighting a dark room, temperature, and communication. Electricity makes it all happen. Until recently, your home electricity was available from one source. The local power-plant.

A central source means centralized decision making. Other people own the power plant, design the delivery system, and choose their electricity price. Play by their rules, or they shut it off.

You now have a choice to rewrite the rules for how you get your power. The chance to create your power and share the extra energy is here.

Decentralized Power Supply

Centrally controlled assets are weakened one choice at a time. When people like you own their power, communities benefit. As a society, we want transparency and sound ethical practices from those we do business with.

Today, we can choose to buy power from big energy companies or ourselves. Before home solar power systems were readily available, you didn’t have a choice. You had to sign up with whatever company owns the power plant, give them whatever information they ask, and pay the ever-increasing going rate.

For every home that goes solar, big energy companies lose more control over the grid. When homeowners create the power supply and feed the grid with excess power, we all win.

Help Everyone Breathe Easier

Power plants work less when roofs make power with solar panels. The less a power plant works, the less pollution it sends into the air. The direct line between your home solar power and the environment is clean, more breathable air.

US power plants make some 2 billion tons of air pollution each year. Air pollution can be seen by the eye and measured by weight. The average home solar power system reduces around 7,000 pounds of it each year.

As people turn their homes into mini power plants, their joint efforts add to a vast, worldwide benefit—clean, breathable air. 

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You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from Your Solar Estimate

You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from Your Solar Estimate