Qualify With Low or No Credit

Qualifying to go solar is different than qualifying for, let’s say, a car. Your home actually has to qualify for solar to benefit it. A car, on the other hand, just needs a licensed driver. So, in seeing if your home qualifies, and trust me—not all do, there are more things to consider than just financing.

Green energy is so vital to our future that many federal, state, and local county programs exist to help you switch to clean energy at home. Some of them use credit, while others don’t. Those take a lot of explanations and are beyond the purpose of my article.

But first, for you to understand how to qualify with little or no credit, it will help you to know what solar costs.

How much does solar cost?

Sooner or later, after you look into solar, you’re gonna ask, “how much does solar cost”? If you ask your neighbor, you’ll hear one thing. Ask a friend, you’ll listen to something totally different from them. And, (sigh), ask a solar company, and they will probably say, “it depends.”

None of those help you answer your question, though. In reality, the dollar amount is particular to your home. Your friend and your neighbor most likely can’t answer your question, and the solar rep can. And when you’re still learning all about solar, that’s probably the last thing you want to do. So, can you afford solar? Yes. How much does it cost? Well, it depends.

Here’s why you can afford solar.

At one point, solar power technology reached a point that all technology comes to. Whatever you call that point isn’t as important as what it does for you. When technology crosses a specific line in its maturity, it becomes affordable! Today, most people can switch to solar power for the same or less money than what they already pay their power company each month.

Can you afford to pay your power company each month? If you answered “yes,” then you can afford solar. No, really, you can. It’s just that simple.

If solar works for your home is a different matter, and something your solar rep will have to determine. Set an appointment with us, and we can get you headed in the right direction. Once they do their thing, and everything checks out, they will break down the costs for you versus paying your power company.

How Do I Qualify with Low or No Credit?

As a local solar provider through most of Florida, we have special certifications that allow us to offer low–and yes, no credit programs! To qualify for one of these programs, you will first need a visit from one of our green energy program specialists. These programs vary from county to county in Florida, so we will need to first see what is available for you.

To see what is available, start a conversation with us through text, email, or a phone call by clicking here. We’ll ask you a few questions and determine what local green energy programs are available to you on a state and county level.

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You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from Your Solar Estimate

You’re Just a Few Clicks Away from Your Solar Estimate